Friday, April 30, 2010

Second Night - Not So Good

Yes, Wednesday night we sure had a good time. And Thursday night we were all going to Billy Bob's Texas, The World's Largest Honky Tonk. In preparation for this big outing, all of us director's had to rent a van so we could transport everyone to Billy Bob's. There were no vans, however, so we all got an SUV when we arrived in Dallas. All week, we had to drive these big SUV's around the city so we could fill them up with people on Thursday night. The big night arrived. Billy Bob's was 27 miles from the hotel, but since we were going during rush hour, we gave ourselves an hour. Leaving at 5:00 pm, I piled 4 extra people in my SUV, the amount of people who would fit into a full-sized car, and headed for the congested highway towards Fort Worth. An hour and a half later we finally arrived at the famed Billy Bob's. After being ushered to our private room, we ate things like chicken, baked beans, tacos and deep-fried fruit pies. A couple people played a game of pool, about a half dozen did some line dancing, most of us browsed through the gift shop, and most were talking about how tired they were and how sore from the previous nights exercise. It was obvious most were not big party-ers who could handle two nights in a row. So around 8:30 pm 3-4 SUVs loaded up and headed back to the hotel - a trip that took only 45 minutes this time. (I heard the rest left shortly after us). I was definitely under-whelmed with Billy Bob's. But I'm sure it's not their fault, we just weren't a very vivacious group that night. Today I was really glad to finally turn that SUV back into the rental car company. It had fulfilled it's purpose.

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