Saturday, April 3, 2010

Feeding the Family: Correction

I knew I was missing something! Thanks to my brother, Tom, for the complete and correct story about the butchering. I guess we all remember the parts that we were involved in. I obviously did not participate in the entire process. Here is what my SIL, Marty, wrote:

From your brother, Tom ,,,
"The day we killed a steer, we skinned it out, gutted it (I took the heart, tongue, liver and kidneys to the house to be wrapped or cooked), salter down the hide and rolled it up to be sold (for leather), and quartered the carcass. It was then hung in the well house, covered by clean white sheets, to age for several days before it was processed and frozen. This was possible because we killed the steer in the fall when the weather was cool.
Also, there is no lard in beef to be rendered. It is tallow and was used (as you said) to make soap."

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