Monday, March 22, 2010

It Felt Like I Was in Chuckie Cheese's

I worked so late that I missed the free nachoes at my hotel tonight. That, along with some popcorn, would have made for an okay evening meal. But .... I missed the nachoes. So where to go to get something to eat? I really like Chili's BBQ Chicken Salad so I set off for the local Odessa, TX, Chili's. I should have known it wasn't going to be a very good experience when I was told there is a wait time to be seated. After 20 minutes, I was led through the restaurant to a small table to enjoy a quiet meal all by myself. Here's what happened next: (1) It took a LONG time for anyone to take my order; (2) I was set right under a speaker, out of which came some very loud, clangy noise; (3) It became clear to me that there were many more children than adults; (4) The children had no reservations about screaming, crying, yelling and running around; (5) It took a very long time to get my salad; and (6) It took a very, very long time for anyone to take my money. Two bright spots: (1) the salad was good; and (2) I didn't eat alone in my room. Tomorrow night, however, I will be back at the hotel in time for their tacos OR I will bring something back to my room to eat a quiet meal ... alone.


  1. We have had service problems at several different Chili's over the years. I don't know what their deal is, which is too bad because we love their food. But we hardly ever go to them anymore.

  2. Our closest Chili's is almost an hour away, so we don't bother going. That's one of my biggest pet peves, though - a restaurant where you can't enjoy yourself because of noise and distraction. And why is it that parents think they have to bring their little kids to the trendy places all the adults enjoy going to? Whatever happened to getting a babysitter, or controlling your children's behavior in public? If my hubby and I go on a date and get a babysitter so we don't have the distraction of a child, surely i don't want the distraction of everyone else' kids too.
    Anyway, I'll have to try their food sometime. Oh, oh! Exciting news, our town is finally getting an Olive Garden! In the Khol's parking lot :-)
    Tacos sound good right now.