Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Won't Let It Happen!

My former life, with my former job was so intense and so all-consuming that I had to quit to re-balance. Those were the days of nearly 100% travel, work all day, every night, and Sunday afternoons. Those were the days of 150 emails a day, eleven budgets to maintain, lots of direct reports, lots of issues, lots of presentations, and not enough sleep. After I quit, I enjoyed more time at home, and even had some time with no work at all. Those were times of eating right, getting exercise, reading books, starting a blog, re-connecting with friends and family, sleeping good and feeling great. But I was also getting restless, wanting a bit of the fast pace again, the challenges, the rush I got from solving difficult problems and starting new programs. So back to work I went! It's been going great and I love my job. But these past two weeks have really heated up...more and more travel coming up, huge problems to work through, tighter budget constraints and ... did I say .... more travel? So once again it is a struggle to eat right, sleep right, exercise, read books, stay connected. But I REFUSE TO LET IT TAKE OVER MY LIFE AGAIN!!! Which is one reason why I am taking two days off, flying to Tacoma to see relatives, and (mostly) forget about work. Yes, life is short. I don't want to miss out on anything important. So if you see me spinning out of control again, shake me and say, "You said you won't let it happen again!"

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